Vanja James was born & raised in San Diego, California.


At age 15, she started going to University full time.  


At age 16, she got her start in music by taking classes such as Classical Guitar, Voice, and Gospel Choir.


At 19, Vanja graduated from UCSD with a BA degree in theatre.  It was in her senior year when she met her University voice teacher Linda Vickerman, who helped Vanja hone her vocal skills.


Since then, Vanja has toured 46 of the 50 US states solo,  with punk bands, and cover bands.


Her dedication to her hometown music scene was recognized when she was nominated for a San Diego Music award in 2012.


In 2013 she relocated to Los Angeles and formed the band Little Dove with drummer Dylan Cooper. Little Dove played over 25 shows in 2013 and got radio airplay nationally in 6 major US cities, and in the UK and France.


Currently Vanja is working on a new solo record and is currently in pre-production stages for Little Dove's second album.


In addition to making lots of music, Vanja can also be found photographic live rock shows, selling her paintings (Acrylic on canvas/wood), restoring furniture, selling her upcycled grocery bags made from T-shirts, and blogging via


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